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Never thought this would be possible, but Mark pulled this off with flying colors! Took merely a month or two, to fix and sell my property - Mark was extremely helpful with his enthusiasm and kept his promise to make it happen! Mark was very transparent and set the expectations right from the get-go, and he managed the details with success across 2 time zones! His tireless energy sometimes amazed me, and it's been a great experience to have worked with him - Kudos Mr. Goldberg!

Kah L C

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“I can’t speak highly enough of Mark and his terrific service. His diligence, enthusiasm, knowledge and responsiveness were exemplary in every respect of our recent home sale. I give him my highest recommendation as a Realtor who goes far, far beyond the "call of duty." Mark's thorough knowledge of our local market enabled us to sell our home within just days and at, top-of-the-market, full price. Mark is a very, very nice person to work with. We had absolute confidence in him, and our confidence was well rewarded. We are exceptionally pleased that we chose Mark to represent us.”

Peter C and Antonia F

“Thanks a million for your enthusiasm and hard work in helping us to acquire our new home. It fits our needs and the rest of the family's beautifully. You are very special to our family and it is a blessing that we crossed paths.”

Gem and Bill B

“Thank you for everything you have done in representing us. You always go to the ends of the earth for us. We’re so fortunate and extremely blessed to have met you! We treasure you and your friendship."

Claire and Dan W

“As soon as we interviewed you we knew we had found “our guy”. The marketing pieces, images and web advertising you created for our home made it look fantastic! You’ve done an absolutely marvelous job for us. We definitively made the right decision in working with you!”

Dawn B and David E

“We’re so excited about our new home and how the entire process came together so nicely with your guiding assistance. We really appreciate you going above and beyond as our Realtor! You found us the PERFECT home. We simply love living here.”

Jordan and Hitomi K

“You are an incredible Realtor. Everyone involved in my selling and purchasing process has told me the same. Your professionalism, attentions to detail and the quality of service has been tops. You can be sure I’ll be recommending you to everyone I possibly can.”

Don S

"Your 'spot-on' advice enabled us to sell our home quickly and for a fair price, while our competitors remained unsold. We couldn't be more pleased with your remarkable service and commitment to our needs. We're highly recommending you to ALL our friends!"

Brian & Connie B.

“Words cannot express our appreciation for your extensive efforts in selling our home. You came highly recommended and exceeded our expectations. As out-of-town sellers, we are grateful to have been able to rely on your extensive hands-on efforts preparing our home for the market as well as through the challenging contract to settlement process. You truly looked after our interests when we were unavailable to do so. We simply could not have accomplished the home sale task without you.”

Josh and Chelsea F

“Since moving into our first home, we’ve regaled friends and acquaintances with tales of your diligence, savvy and indefatigable good nature! As our buyer’s agent, you were extremely helpful in zeroing-in on the most promising homes for us. Your knowledge and assessments were highly instructive. While we were gazing at the trees and decks, you were pointing out the grading and the thermopane windows! You’re a credit to your profession. After working with you we can’t image looking for a home without you!”

Joyce J and Troy H

"Moving out of the country necessitated me turning the entire rehab and selling process of my place over to you. I'm grateful for all of the exceptional help, support and professionalism you provided me in getting my property in market-ready condition, sold and settled without and single hitch!"

Kate Saunders