Aging In Place Is A Big Decision.

Determine what environment is your best
for successful independent living.

Where Do You Want To Live As You Grow Older?

There's a lot to look forward to as you grow older, and the environment you age in can increase your ability to remain healthy and active.

The decision to age in place (AIP) isn't just about staying put in your current home. It's so much more.

AIP Questions

  • What are your current health needs?
  • What will your health needs potentially be?
  • Is your home age in place ready?
  • Are you financially positioned to age in place?
  • What is your health insurance coverage?
  • Do you have long-term care coverage?
  • What is your transportation situation?
  • Do you currently need help with daily activities?
  • Are you connected to a support community?
  • Do you have an estate plan?

Navigating Aging In Place Territory

You don't have to navigate the aging in place terrain on your own. There are numerous local, state and federal programs available to assist you on your aging in place journey, as well as public and private organizations devoted to the cause of successful independent living.

Choose Your AIP Environment Carefully

Aging in place isn't for everybody. You need to consider what your wants and needs are right now, and how they may change for you in the future.

If what you want and need now aren't compatible with aging in place, there are many other options available to you.

If you decide to age in place, careful planning will go a long way to ensuring your aging in place strategy is effective and successful. Either way, be active, connected and happy in the environment you choose.

The Power Of Knowledge

Knowledge informs choices. Choices are good, informed choices are life-changing.

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