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Free to you, our guides cover everything from renovations for faster home sales to savvy tips for homebuying. We're here to provide the knowledge you need to be even more successful in any real estate venture.

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Preferred Vendor Guide

Sometimes you need a little more help with that DIY. Start here for vendors.

Concierge Capital

Compass Concierge can cover up front costs to renovate your home for a faster sale! Here's how.

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Private Exclusives Guide

Can't find what you're looking for with standard public home sales sites? Try this!

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Homebuyer's Guide

Whether a first-time buyer or ready to sell and buy anew, we have just the information you need to stay sharp.

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Condo Buyer's Guide

Buying a condominium is different than a single-family home. Learn the differences and improve your condo quotient!

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Aging In Place

Trying to decide whether to age-in-place or relocate to a lifestyle community? We'll cover the pros and cons of both, with helpful information about living well in either environment,
Coming Soon!

1031 Exchange Guide

Up-to-date information on the in-and-outs of selling your investment property and rolling the proceeds into a new one.

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Investment Properties

New to investment properties?
This Guide lays out everything you need to know about investing in real estate.

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CCRC Guide

This upcoming guide will introduce you to Continuing Care Retirement Communities and what they offer for retirees in the DMV.

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