Mark's Testimonials
  • Despite the slower market, your "spot-on" advice enabled us to sell our home quickly and for a fair price, while our competitors remain unsold. We couldn't be more pleased with your remarkable service and commitment to our needs. We're highly recommending you to all our friends. Just a terrific job!

Brian Bressman
12036 Montrose Village Terrace

  • "Thank you so much for your time, expertise and professionalism. In spite of the slower market, our quick sale proves the value of listening to your good advice. We're clearly better off for it!"

Mike and Cody Chase
5700 Brewer House Circle, T-1

  • The time, depth and quality of advice and hands-on efforts you provided throughout the major task of readying our home prior to putting it on the market went way beyond our expectations. We're convinced the other Realtors we interviewed would have never provided such a level of involvement and much needed service. We feel we got far more than a Realtor when we hired you!

Judy and Norman Neches
5 Scotch Mist Ct.

  • "Our home as presented in the MRIS system and the internet looked fabulous! We are very pleased! You've done an amazing job with all the photography, property preparation and marketing. Thanks for all the extra time and effort. MUCH appreciated."

Barbara and Raul Rojas
6438 Needle Leaf Dr.,

  • "From day one, you've demonstrated your expertise, professionalism, creativity and willingness to go above and beyond our expectations. Most importantly to us, your honesty earned our trust. We believe you're one of the finest Realtors in the Washington, D.C. area."

Chris and Mykka Fisher
103 Timberbrook Lane

  • "Moving out of the country necessitated me turning the entire rehab and selling process of my place over to you. I'm grateful for all of the exceptional help, support and professionalism you provided me in getting my property in market-ready condition, sold and settled without a single hitch!"

Kate Saunders
1701 16th Street, N.W.

  • "We're exceptionally pleased with your service and the considerable time and attention you devoted to our needs. We're thankful we worked with a professional who clearly cares about his clients and their best interests."

Jackie and Jon Capon
353 Fallsgrove Drive

  • "The advice you provided was absolutely spot on. Your sensitivity to our needs as well as your approach, very much appreciated. By handling so many of the details you clearly made our transition a much smoother affair. We're lucky to have had you working for us."

Ed and Cheri Lyons
15 Englishman Ct.

  • "We're so happy you were referred to us, as we couldn't be more pleased with your assistance. You made buying our first place fun for us. At the beginning of the process you told us you'd make sure all went smoothly and you were absolutely right! You can be sure we'll be referring anyone we can your way."

Reiko Horai and Hidehiro Yamane
11234 Edson Park Place

  • "Overseeing the entire contract-to-settlement process of our home purchase, while we were out of the country, took a huge burden off us. Many thanks for making an arduous process run so smoothly. You did a first-rate job."

Joost Hiltermann & Patti Gossman
800 Nelson Street

  • "I can't thank you enough for all your kindness and the tremendous work you devoted to my behalf. The house is wonderful. I can't wait to have you over. Many, many thanks!"

Matt Feldman
5721 Denfeld Road

  • "Your knowledge and savvy were clearly apparent as you helped us navigate the complexities of selling our home and buying a new one at the same time. Knowing you were taking care of both so many of the details of both transactions allowed us to concentrate on the major decisions we needed to make. In short, we think you are in a league of your own. Simply, an amazing real estate agent!"

Debby and Oren Ben-Zeev
8506 Mayfair Place

  • "As out-of-town owners, not only did we hire you to market our property but we entrusted you with the task of updating our place as well. The transformational results results are close to a miracle! Your choices of tasteful, yet cost-effective finishes and paint schemes as well as your efforts in overseeing the entire process turned our "ugly duckling" into swan! Start to finish - you've simply done an absolutely great job!"

Hernan and Amelia Levy
11405 Commonwealth Drive, 202

  • "We think you're simply an outstanding Realtor. Knowledgeable, well organized, extremely responsive and patient. We appreciate your willingness to always go 'the extra mile' for us. Having bought and sold a number of homes through your efforts, we thank you for your continuing excellent service!"

Melanie and Pat Mason
515 Oak Knoll Drive

  • "You were the 'silver lining' of selling our home as a short sale. A consummate professional - you were always composed and reassuring even in our most trying moments. They say adversity reveals one's true character - yours was exceptional. Going far beyond the call of duty, we'll never forget your efforts to make the process as painless as possible. We couldn't have picked a better agent."

David and Smitha Zaharoff
5504 Englishman Place

  • "Thank you Mark! You've been a tremendous help. I don't know how I could have ever managed without you. You were a real comfort to me."

Susan Gardner
5809 Edson Lane, 203

  • "Every facet of our sale - from pre-marketing renovations, our acceptance of an excellent contract in less than two weeks, through inspections and settlement - went flawlessly. All of which we contribute to your exceptional hands-on efforts. You've done such a wonderful job we'd recommend you even if you didn't sell our place!

Dave and Les Kaplan
11423 Commonwealth Drive

  • "It's always been a pleasure working with you. Having now relied on your services for over 25 years, we'll happily continue referring everyone we know, looking for a good Realtor, your way. Many thanks for all your help throughout the years."

Judy and Larry Braslow
10401 Grosvenor Place, 1502

  • "Our home looks beautiful online. Your photos, staging and marketing text are 10 TIMES BETTER than the rest of the competition. Lovely!"

Melanie and Pat Mason
19212 Racine Ct.

  • "Many thanks for all your help and professionalism in selling our former place and buying a new one. We simply felt so much more secure with you looking after our interests. As we said at closing, we're very glad you were referred to us because we now have ourselves a lifelong Realtor! P.S. We absolutely love the new home!"

Vivian Hung and Peter Chen
1116 Crestfield Drive

  • "Thank you so much for helping us find our new place and making the process worry-free. Your expertise, positive attitude and availability were all so very valuable. The contacts you referred were also high quality professionals. It's been a pleasure working with you!" 

Inna and Tony Charmforoush
5303 Burling Terrace

  • "Having four offers presented on our property was far better than we ever expected. Helping us find and secure our new home as well as coordinating so many of the details of the buying and selling process -- including having our former home professionally cleaned -- made the entire affair quite manageable. We find our new home to be an ideal place for our needs. We love living here. You clearly did right by us. Thank you for doing a fine job."

Ed and Barbara Shafer
12043 Montrose Village Terrace

  • "Since moving into our first home, we've regaled friends and acquaintances with tales of your diligence, savvy and indefatigable good nature! As our buyers agent, you were extremely helpful in zeroing-in on the most promising homes for us. Your knowledge and assessments were highly instructive. While we were gazing at the trees and decks, you were pointing out the grading and the thermopane windows! You're a credit to your profession. After working with you we can't image looking for a home without you!"

Joyce Jones and Troy Holland

  • "Simultaneously selling and purchasing homes in different cities has been a challenge. Double work in every detail. We're just thankful for your outstanding assistance through the entire process. Your thoroughness and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Through it all, you've become more to us than just our Realtor, but a good friend."

Pari Darvish and Sam Long
1024 Grand Oak Way

  • "Thank you for all your wonderful assistance. It made such a difference working with a true professional who's so good at his job and clearly enjoys doing it. From providing us just the right advise in preparing our home, to guiding us through multiple offers and then staying on top of all the details right through settlement. You made selling our home a pleasure. We couldn't be more pleased with your service or your terrific results."

Dede and Al Smith
9 Orchard Way North

  • "After helping us sell our Maryland home, we really missed you during our home buying endeavors, out-of-state. The Realtors we've worked with just don't match-up to you. If there's a next time, we'll have to pay for you to get your New Jersey real estate license! You're not only a great agent -- you're a wonderful person."

Dana and John Simons

  • "You are an incredible Realtor. Everyone involved in my selling and purchasing process has told me the same. It's quite apparent what a better job you do than other agents by simply comparing other MRIS listings with ours with regard to photography quality and number of pictures you've used to market our place. Your professionalism, attentions to detail and the quality of service has been tops. You can be sure I'll be recommending you to everyone I possibly can."

Don Mathison

  • Words fail to adequately express my gratitude for everything you've done on my behalf as a first time home buyer. You've put so much of yourself into the process you've become more than just my Realtor but a trusted friend. Thank you so very much!

Maria Rodriguez
922 24th Street, N.W., 708

  • "Thanks to you, I sold my home for a good price in a very short time. I also appreciate you "holding my hand" throughout the selling process. I think you're a great Realtor. I'm already recommending you to friends and colleagues."

Beth Crane
12012 Montrose Village Terrace

  • "There simply isn't anyone else I trust more than you with selling and buying homes."

Suzanne Pilet
8546 Manchester Road

  • "To us, you're not simply our agent but a friend. Henry and I sincerely appreciate all your time and efforts spent on our behalf."

Melodie & Henry Lee
5750 Bou Avenue, 1417

  • "Thank you for everything you've done to get my property sold. With the proceeds I've been able to purchase my dream home with a spectacular ocean view. I'm so happy. I couldn't have done it without you. You are one awesome Realtor!"

Dean Germanos
4242 East-West Highway,

  • "Multiple offers and no hitches. Thanks so much for everything!"

Mitra Shakeri
5417 Nibud Court

  • "We greatly appreciate all your hard work, efficiency and great design suggestions which helped get our property sold so quickly!"

Carol and Ron Whelan
2212 Washington Avenue, 103

  • "We're thrilled you've sold our home so quickly and efficiently. Throughout the selling process, your professionalism, candor and knowledge were invaluable. We met other realtors, but were especially impressed with your knowledge of our marketplace. You listened to our needs, and helped us focus on adding value to our property. From day one, right through our smooth closing, your good humor and patience made the process FUN!"

Vivian Szu-Tu Bean
10719 Mist Haven Terrace

  • "As soon as we interviewed you we knew we had found "our guy." The marketing pieces, images and web advertising you created for our home made it look fantastic! You've done an absolutely marvelous job for us. We definitely made the right decision in working with you!"

Dawn Bizzell & David Elghammer
11 Englishman Court

  • "You stuck with us through thick and thin to help us find what truly is our first dream home. We couldn't have done it without you. You can never retire because we're going to need you for every other home we ever buy or sell. You're definitely part of the family now!"

Natasha and Ben Berman
12621 Farnell Drive

  • "Thank you for the splendid advice Mark. Much appreciated."

Arun and Eunice Muthuswami

  • "We feel so lucky to be working with you. We so appreciate your unpressured approach, patience and good humor."

Hanna and Tsachi Merin

  • "As our buyer's agent you have been able to explain what I don't understand! I appreciate your skill set. I also appreciate the way you've answered all my questions without calling me a pest!"

Dave Freeman

  • "We are absolutely delighted with you and the excellent service you provided us. We couldn't be happier with the results."

Bill and Courtney Jordan
5704 Roosevelt Street

  • "I want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work you've done in getting my place market-ready and sold. I am truly delighted with the wonderful contract you helped negotiate on my behalf. With your help I can now move forward with my life!"

Samantha Baron
11315 Commonwealth Drive, 202

  • "Fabulous job with our property's marketing! Your descriptions and attention to detail are wonderful, as are your photos, which really captures the essence of our home and unique community. You set a new standard for Realtors everywhere with your service and results."

Mary Jo Powell
11323 Commonwealth Dr., 301

  • "You've been nothing but wonderful to work with in getting our home sold. Everything went so smoothly, we wished we had another property for you to sell! We're already spreading the word to our friends about your great service and efforts."

Daryl Flatte & Richard David
6041 Loganwood Drive

  • "Thank you for all your good work on our behalf. It seems just like yesterday that I was "interviewing" you but here we are, all done with the sale, and everything having worked out so well. Please feel free to give my phone number out for referrals."

Ellen Harmon
5801 Edson Lane, 103

  • "I am very, very pleased with your marketing effort for my property. The virtual tour, mailing announcements, pictures all look great! Thank you for your outstanding work in marketing and selling my home."

Ginny Wolf
5817 Edson Lane, 101

  • "Thank you for working so diligently on our behalf. My mother and I truly appreciate all the time you spent helping us prepare her property for the market and how effective you've been in getting us the very best contract terms. I can't even put a value on all you've done for us. Clearly, all your efforts have made our sale possible. We feel you are absolutely the 'Best of the best!'"

Portia Marquis & Patricia Chingari
5805 Edson Lane, T-3

  • "You are the best, hardest working and professional real estate agent that I have ever seen. Tom and I trust and count on your professional assistance and guidance in all our real estate needs including the renting our home. We feel lucky to have you working for us. Over time, you have gone beyond our Realtor, you have become a family friend."

Jun Chen and Tom Lu
7206 Old Stage Road

  • "Thank you very much for the all-important information you are providing us in our efforts to purchase a home. Each time we speak I learn something new. We also appreciate all the time you spend on us; even taking our late-evening calls!

Hyosun Forman

  • Thanks so very, very much for all your insights; I'm so glad my friends the Elsbrees and the Freemans referred me your way. I can see why they are such huge fans of yours.

Jane Wilson

  • "You've made selling my home about as smooth and enjoyable as such a process can be. Your spot-on advice and stellar professionalism are truly appreciated. I attribute my good fortune of selling my property for such a good price to your exceptional efforts. I'm extremely pleased I chose you as my Realtor."

Jin Sook Chung
5431 Grove Ridge Way

  • "In relying on Mark to help us prepare our home for sale, we learned to never doubt his incisive knowledge of the market and buyer preferences in making his suggested improvements. We clearly maximized our return on investment due to his incredible hands-on involvement in the property preparation, marketing and selling process. No other Realtor knows our community better than Mark and no one fits the description "Professional" better. We found him to be simply amazing at what he does."

Barbara & Kerry Schrader
5476 Grove Ridge Way

  • "Thanks so much for being so thorough, patient, and helpful throughout the buying process!"

Willy and Donna Calderon
3213 Cordoba Street

  • "Thanks for overseeing the many details of renting my property. You've gone way beyond my expectations in your level of service. My sincere gratitude for all your good work."

Harriet Nokuri
18205 Grubb Road

  • "Thank you for your quick work and keeping on top of all the details. Just a fantastic job - we think you're the best!"

Amanda & John Berg
11315 Commonwealth Dr., 101

  • "You're not only an expert in your field, you are very intuitive - a terrific trait that clearly serves your clients well. We so fully trust you, your insights and integrity that we feel as though you are family. We think you are exceptional."

Irene Mikhalkova & Bill Outlaw
5817 Edson Lane, 304

  • "Thank you for simplifying my life. I'm so glad you're my Realtor!"

Andrea Dunsmore

  • "Mark has been our Realtor for 13 years. He is the most professional and knowledgeable Realtor we've ever met. We're so pleased with the assistance he most recently provided us in the process of selling our former place and purchasing a new-built home. He made the transition and process seem effortless and nearly stress-free. We couldn't imagine working through that scenario without his professional guidance. He is absolutely top notch. We couldn't work with anyone else."

Emma & Sean Brijbasi
517115 Old Vic Blvd.

  • "Your honesty and integrity are much appreciated as is your steady, reassuring approach. All Realtors should strive to provide the quality of service and professionalism you do routinely. You not only talk the talk but walk the walk!"

Jeannie Fleming
5809 Edson Lane, T-1

  • "Beyond the knowledgeable and personal real estate services you provide our entire family, your consistently positive nature never fails to energize me whenever we work together."

Val Feldblyum

  • "Everything you've done in preparing our home for the market is remarkable. It looks so good now, it belongs in Architectural Digest. You've simply done a fabulous job. There's simply no other Realtor we would consider working with, as we think you are absolutely the best Realtor in the area. As such, we are already highly recommending you to friends and colleagues."

Brenda and Fred Heiken
1 Grove Ridge Way

  • "The first time we met we knew you were the Realtor for us. Your professionalism, genuine, positive manner were apparent right from the start of our home-buying process. The insights, expertise and patience you demonstrated throughout that process have been greatly appreciated. We love our new home and are already recommending you highly to family and friends."

Irene Mikhalikova & Bill Outlaw
1302 Wild Oak Terrace

  • "We're so excited about our new-construction home and how the entire process came together so nicely with your guiding assistance. We really appreciate you going above and beyond as our Realtor! You found us the PERFECT home. We simply love living here."

Jordan and Hitomi Kahn
9720 Fields Road

  • "We realize our home sale represented a bit more of a challenge than most. Though, on every level, we are so very grateful to have had you as our Realtor!"

Kathy and Dennis Doubroff
1 Grove Ridge Way

  • "In our conversations, you seem to know instinctively what I'm asking for or describing and you've zoned in perfectly on properties I would most likely choose myself. You have been straightforward, and that's exactly what we need in our buyer's agent."

Angeli Baxter

  • "As out-of-town sellers, we greatly appreciate all your time and effort in getting our place ready for the market. The home was beautifully staged and looked terrific online. Of course, we're also extremely pleased with the multiple offers your efforts helped provide and the home's resulting excellent sold price. Needless to say, we are so glad we chose you as our Realtor."

Leon and Kirsten Lum
12012 Montrose Village Terrace

  • "Working with us in the capacity of our buyer's agent as well as our seller's agent, we've gained so much benefit from your expertise. Without exception, you have easily surpassed all our expectations with your exceptional service."

David Chung & Breeda Reilly
11305 Commonwealth Dr., 202

  • "Thanks a million for your enthusiasm and hard work in helping us to acquire our new home. It fits our needs and the rest of the family's beautifully. You are very special to our family and it is a blessing that we crossed paths."

Gem and Bill Brijbasi
2948 Birchtree Lane

  • "You've been very helpful throughout our home-buying process and I sincerely appreciate it. Coincidentally, many of my friends are also in the market for a home at this tie. Consequently, I've been referring everyone I know your way!"

Adam Gerstenblith
4409 Buckthorn Ct.

  • "Our home's images, online, look really great! Thanks for all of the hard work you put into renovating our place prior to placing it on the market - it shows!"

Wayne & Cindy Phyillaier
12 Grace Church Ct.

  • "Thank you so much for all that you've done for us in taking charge in preparing and marketing my apartment. Your spot-on design sense transformed my humble place into a sophisticated knock out! I marvel at its transformation and so appreciate your time and the detail that you've put into the sale. You've gone far beyond our expectations as our Realtor. Be assured, we'll be using you for all our future real estate needs!"

Jennifer Kneeland
11423 Commonwealth Drive, 303

Mark Goldberg
Mark Goldberg